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Permanent Eyebrows

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Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to provide a service of the highest quality. At Lillybele you will find a range of different treatments such as Microblading,Combo Brows,Shading, Eyeliner,Lips, Microneedling,Chemical Peels and Training.

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Permanent Eyebrows

Hairstrokes Brows, Combo Brows and Powder Brows

Attention to Detail

Your Eyebrows are undoubtedly the most important facial feature that can make you even more gorgeous and confident without using brow makeup every day. Eyebrows may seem like an insignificant part of our faces, but they do make a massive difference.
This is a technique where we implant pigment into the skin to mimic hair lines in an effort to either improve or reshape the form of the eyebrows. This procedure does not damage or inhibit hair growth in the future.We only place pigment into the epidermis which means it fades faster than the traditional tattooing techniques.
This is perfect for those who have thin and uneven brows, even if you have No Eyebrows at all. If you are unhappy about your brows and tired of spending endless time on makeup then this is perfect for you.

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Always Prepared

Long lasting permanent eyeliner for an all day fresh look and hassle free mornings. Wake up every morning with smudge free make up.


Nadine is an accredited Microblading, Shading, Combo brow, Machine Hairstroke, Powder Brows and Eyeliner artist with substantial experience in the industry. She is a Board Certified Master Trainer in Semi-Permanent Make up and her Training Academy is International Accredited.Nadine has attended numerous trainings and masterclasses to enhance her skills and to keep up to date with latest trends. To share her passion she is offering training at Lillybele and she enjoys teaching students and providing them with the skills to master this skill. She is a friendly, fun and loving person that finds pleasure in transforming every client’s needs into perfection.